Supporting Middle and High School Students

STAR FEST is an inclusive happening for all theatre students and teachers from sea to sea to sea.

Whether at STAR FEST West, Atlantic, East or Central, you’ll meet a community of dynamic, engaging people just like you. There is 19 regional STAR Festivals in eight different provinces, where students can qualify to participate in their choice of four Canadian National STAR Festivals.

You’ll take part in interactive workshops led by renowned artists, allowing you to discover or deepen your understanding of all facets of theatre.

You’ll meet other artists like yourself who will be showcasing their talents, and you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talent in a variety of ways. This is not a competition.The STAR Festivals offer students involved in theatre the opportunity to learn from one another and professionals in the theatre community. Students who choose to present work for adjudication will receive feedback from theatre professionals in their field of interest.

You’ll make many discoveries, but above all, you’ll meet people who could turn into lasting friendships.

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