Sponsored By:

  • TAEA will host a virtual audition portal where students can showcase their talents for partner agents who may elect to call them back or represent them to start their professional acting careers. 

Participating Agents:

  • Lloyd Talent
  • Shine
  • Lucus Talent
  • Ignite Artists
  • Jeff Turner Film
  • Jeff Turner Voice
  • Carrier Talent Management
  • VA Management
  • BookIT Talent
  • Alpha Artists
  • InMotion Talent
  • and more agents are coming onboard this month in preparation for the event!


  1. Students from Grade 6 to 13 only (Gap year students are also welcome)
    Application fee: $15 (payable in the secure registration site via Credit Card).
  2. All students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the TAEA STAR Search – Find an Agent Portal. If you have questions or need special assistance or other accommodations to be successful, please contact us at: [email protected]


  • Free Optional Pre-Event ONLINE Workshop Provided by Vancouver Film School: Date TBA
  • Online registration window for Star Search opens: MAY 3rd  to JUNE 15th
  • AGENT audition viewing window: JUNE 15th to 24th
  • Callback Invite Day: June 24th and beyond
  • Callbacks, interviews, and next steps: Schedule on your own directly with the agents who call you back.
  • Free Post-Event Workshop for all participants to support film acting growth and industry connections with VFS

Performance Audition Video Requirements: 
Auditions must be solo presentations–other students may not perform with you.

 — You will begin your audition with only an introduction: name, school, title of selection(s), playwright/composer/lyricist. You are allowed a maximum of three minutes (not including the introduction) for your performance.

— In the performance category you may perform for a max of 3 minutes of material. Either two contrasting monologue selections or a musical theatre song or one song and a monologue.  If doing two selections, please film the entire audition as one continuous video with a pause to transition between the pieces.

— Musical auditions must have accompaniment—a cappella singing will not be accepted.  Your accompanist may be live in the room with you during filming or you may sing along with a recording.  It is strongly advised that you arrange for a pianist to provide you with accompaniment–recorded or live.  Do not sing over a cast album.

— When choosing your performance piece, please avoid selections with dialects, accents, and any classical material unless you have been specifically trained in these areas.  Costumes, scenery, and hand props are not permitted. Dress neatly—it makes a good impression.


Do’s and Don’ts for Self-filmed Video Submissions:
There are many tutorials and articles you can search for to help you create a strong video submission.  Here are some key do’s and don’ts:

  • Do perform in a well-lit space with a neutral background.  Test the lighting and sound!
  • Do check the frame so that all of your physical choices are captured, but you’re not so far away that your facial expressions are lost.  Above the knees is usually good, with your face near the top quarter of the frame.
  • Do not have fancy camera panning, zooming in and out, or editing.  This is distracting and unnecessary. Simply editing your video to start right before you introduce yourself and ending after you say ‘thank you” will do!
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment.  The reps are looking at YOU and what you can do.  That being said, researching tips for getting the best lighting and sound quality in your home setup will pay off.
  • Try to deal with any potential distractions (pets, doorbells, phone rings, people walking thru, etc.)
  •  Don’t perform directly into the lens.  Focus beyond it or on an unseen other character if performing.